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Obamacare Users Will Need Extra Form From the Government Before They Can File Their Taxes

If you are an Obamacare enrollee, you will not be able to file your taxes next year until you receive a new Obamacare form, the 1095A. That means if the government is not on time getting the forms out, taxpayers who need the form could face a delay receiving anticipated refunds.

The proposed deadline to send out the forms is January 31, 2015, which also coincides with the date that employers must issue W-2 to their employees.

Form 1095A is necessary: filers need the forms to calculate whether they received the correct subsidy from the government, or if they owe money to cover a difference”. The IRS has a working draft on the form, but doesn’t yet include the instructions on how to calculate the proper subsidy amount — and that’s the key.

Because of the extensive problems during the Obamacare rollout and initial signup period, some folks may find that the did not receive the proper subsidy. Additionally, changes to income during the year might also affect the outcome. The Form 1095A is designed to match up the income for 2014 with the subsidy amount received. Some might find they will didn’t get enough of a subsidy and will receive money back, while others could have the opposite problem: their subsidy was too high, and they now owe money back.

So Obamacare users — be on the lookout for the 1095A early next year. Even if you have all your documentation to file your taxes, you still may not file until you receive that form. Hopefully the government will not be as late on issuing it as it was with other Obamacare related items.

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